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Businesses, groups and clubs that help us raise awareness.

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 A people’s charity

Mikeysline is a people’s charity and relies on the generosity of the public and local businesses for support. We also seek funding, where possible, for specific areas of work and to enable us to continuously improve and develop our services.

The support that we receive from the public and businesses not only helps us to cover our core costs of running our services but also helps to raise awareness of the two major strands of our work  – suicide prevention and mental health awareness and support.

 Our Supporters

Our supporters include members of the public who donate to our fundraising efforts, do fundraisers on our behalf and/or who follow and share our social media posts, further helping us to extend our reach.  If you help raise awareness about Mikeysline or donations for us in any way, then we view you as one of our supporters! We have had so many individual supporters this year, particularly during the lockdown and each one has been featured on our Facebook page.

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 Become a Supporter

We currently have fantastic ongoing support from key businesses/groups and clubs, whose support in this climate is absolutely essential for us.

If you feel you could help us in any way to raise awareness about Mikeysline or raise funds for us, please email us at: enquiries@mikeysline.co.uk

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