Our Strategy

Our Goals 

Mikeysline was set up with four main aims.

To this day, they help to provide the focus and motivation behind the work that we do:

  • Help fight the Highland wide problem of chronic loneliness
  • Provide a light in the dark for those in the depths of depression
  • Offer a distraction from thoughts leaning towards self-harm
  • Tackle head on the staggering rate of suicide in the Highlands 

Our Story

Our strategy for the next few years is to build on and continuously improve the support services we offer, which includes expanding our text line service options and meeting more people’s needs on a 1:1 basis at our Hives.

This includes reviewing current service provision and taking the Hive on the road to provide outreach support.

We are also keen to expand the range of support that we can provide to young people both in schools and in the community and in consultation with young people, we will be reviewing how best to achieve this on an ongoing basis.

Donna Smith, Chair of Mikeysline talks more about our plans in the short film below.