Text & Multimedia Support

SMS Text Service

The Mikeysline SMS text service was launched in December 2015. We have been supporting the people of the
Highlands in their times of need ever since. 

In October 2020, we extended our text-based options in recognition that not everyone uses SMS as their first choice and in the hope of making our support more accessible to a wider audience.

Anonymity is assured.

By using a text option as opposed to a phone line, anonymity is assured. This removes the awkwardness sometimes found in talking with a total stranger. Research indicates that 1 in 4 people will hang up when they use a phone line, the nerves taking over and sometimes, it can be difficult to get the words out. With a text line or text-based option, this removes that urgency. A moment can be taken, words can be deleted and time taken to put it into words how you are feeling.


Open to all ages

Research undertaken showed that 42 percent of young people would rather write than speak about their problem and 71 percent said they would welcome a texting option. In this current age of multimedia communications, it is a tragedy to think there are so many still feeling alone, isolated and not able to express their feelings.  We hope that by providing more options, more people will feel able to express their feelings in their way.

A common misconception about Mikeysline is that it is only for young people. We are in fact here for all ages and always have been.

We're here for you

Our team of staff and volunteers are there for you each and every day. They are there to listen without judgement, support you when you most need it and where appropriate, and help to signpost you on to other organisations for support.  Regardless of whether we do this, you can always contact Mikey line for support.

Opening Hours

  • Sunday – Thurs – 6-10pm

  • Friday – 7pm – 7am

  • Saturday – 7pm – 7am