Prevention & Anti Stigma Work


It is a sad and tragic fact that so many people feel unable to speak out and access support when they need it as they fear judgement or that their feelings, painful and intense for them, will just be dismissed by others. As a result, many suffer in silence.

At Mikeysline we feel passionately about breaking down that stigma and in highlighting the importance of people being able to access support when they need it.  Our promotional campaigns are one of the ways we do this and we are currently working on a series of podcasts - 'Speaking of Suicide', which highlight the implicaitons on the indivdiual and people close to them when the support desprately needed is not accessed at the right time. You can find the link to our podcasts here

Here for You

However, most people reach out at least once before attempting suicide and many at an earlier stage before their feelings spiral to the point where they are considering suicide as an option.  It is, therefore, essential that there is a greater awareness of mental health issues and how all of us can listen and support and the role that Mikeysline plays in providing non-judgemental support regardless of the issue being raised. We know if you come to us, that the issue is important to you and, therefore, it is important to us that you receive the right level of support when you need it.

Direct Support

Much of our work involves direct support, providing a non-judgemental listening ear, advising, supporting and signposting on to other services for additional support when necessary. Where it will benefit the individual, we also do 1:1skills based work to help people with coping strategies.  In addition to this direct support, however, we also invest a lot of our time in our anti-stigma work, trying to break down the stigma and barriers that prevent people from speaking out when they need to and getting the support at the right times.  We raise awareness about Mikeysline and mental health and suicide in a number of ways. We have outlined some of these below:

Latest News

  • Social media channels – we reach out with a mixture of educational/prevention messages and films as well as promoting the support that we can provide.

  • Ambassadors – support us to reach wider audiences and encourage others to engage with our key messages.

  • Working in partnership with both Nairn County and Ross County Football Clubs.

  • Ongoing support from a number of businesses and individuals who help promote our work, the messages we put out and
    help fundraise for us.

  • Work closely and in partnership with other third sector organisations individually and through the Highland Third Sector interface.

  • Members of the Highland Suicide Prevention Forum and work with colleagues both from the statutory and third sectors.

  • We participate in SMHAF – Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival and Mikeysline are co-ordinating the programme for 2021.

  • As the charity on BNI Highland and BNI Tuath as well as charity on the Inverness Chamber of Commerce, we work with local businesses for their support

  • and to further raise the profile of the work we do and the support we can provide.