The Hive Project

The Hive Project is the Highland’s first out of hours mental health crisis centre, based at 19 Academy Street, Inverness. This ambitious local initiative provides a safe place to those who are in need of it. Coupled with our text service, the joint aim is to reduce social isolation. We want to help vulnerable people to maintain their mental health on a continuous basis.

The Hive is a place to attend without fear of being judged. It is a place for anyone aged 17 and up to come when they feel lost with nowhere to turn. Our staff and volunteers will lend an ear, be there for you and try to help you get through what you are feeling.

One of the main aims for the Hive is to provide an alternative. Instead of heading home and bottling up emotions, come to the Hive. In place of being trapped inside your own head, second guessing, the Hive is a platform to try and work it out. We promise we will try to help you through it.

We know we won’t have all the answers – we don’t profess to be experts. What we do promise is that we are there for you. Sharing your thoughts with an understanding ear can provide a different perspective, as well as the weight it will lift from your shoulders.

We promise you a warm welcome, a hot brew and we WILL listen.

Opening Hours:

Mon 6-10pm, Tues – 6-10pm,  Wed 6-10pm,  Thurs 6-10pm,  Fri 6-11pm,  Sat 6-11pm. Sun 6-10pm