Mikeysline join forces with Morrison Construction

Working together to prioritise mental health awareness amongst employees

Mikeysline and Morrison Construction are delighted to confirm that they will be working in  partnership to help highlight and prioritise mental wellbeing and support for employees within Morrison Construction.

Joint work will also focus on key messages around the importance of people feeling able to speak out at an early stage when they are struggling and to access support as needed. This in turn will aim to help breakdown the stigma that is often associated with being able to talk openly about mental health and thoughts of suicide.

Morrison Construction will also support with wider awareness of Mikeysline to encourage others to access support, which will include promoting Mikeysline’s logo on all of their vans and helping Mikeysline to get their messages out in more remote local communities as they work on projects in these areas.

Donald Mclachlan, Managing Director of Morrison Construction said: “Morrison Construction consider mental health awareness and well being to be a priority not only for our own workforce but also our wider supply chain and the communities we engage with.

We believe that a partnership with Mikeysline is the best way to promote our aim of increasing the visibility of mental heath and highlight the assistance that is available locally and we look forward to developing our relationship  going forward.”


Emily Stokes, Service Manager, Mikeysline said:  “ We are delighted to have the opportunity to work more closely with Morrison Construction and their staff groups and can really see the benefit of this partnership in being able to reach more people directly and raise awareness of the support we can provide. 

One of our priorities in the year ahead, given the impact that 2020 will have had on many people’s wellbeing, is to develop partnerships with employers, particularly in industries where traditionally individuals may have found it more difficult to access support for a variety of reasons. We are delighted to be at this stage already with Morrison Construction.”