Mikeysline deliver mental health awareness session to First team players

Everyone can benefit from mental health awareness sessions

We were delighted to deliver a mental health awareness session at the Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC Stadium recently to the ICTFC first team players and staff.

We discussed with players and staff the importance of good mental health for everyone, the possible signs to look out for in others and how to support conversations and crucially how to access support, including through Mikeysline.

It’s ok not to be ok is always one of our key messages and the importance of talking through any issues at an early stage. This was also emphasised by our Ambassador John Robertson, Sporting Director, ICTFC who closed the session for us.


Why was this relevant for ICTFC players?

No matter who we are, things can happen from time to time in all of our lives that impact on our mental wellbeing. On top of this, for professional footballers, there is at minimum, the added pressure to play well and win on match days and make their fans and club proud.  Pressure and stress can have an adverse effect on anyone and it's how we are able to deal with it that keeps us physically and mentally well.

As such, we were keen to remind everyone of the importance of talking about things at an early stage if we are struggling with difficult thoughts or feelings -. With someone you can trust - family, friends, team mates or with Mikeysline and to be open and receptive to listening to other colleagues if they need to reach out to someone.