An array of lights and a solitary piper on Ness bridge in Inverness marked Mikeysline's 5th anniversary

Lights and Music Mark Five Years of Mikeysline

5 years on, Spud the Piper returns

Spud the Piper who was present at the launch of Mikeysline when hundreds took part in a virtual candlelit vigil, played again to mark Mikeysline's 5th anniversary.  This year, however, Spud was on his own on Ness Bridge playing a solo lament.

Due to the coronovirus pandemic, other supporters took part in a virual candlelit vigil over the weekend. 

The bridge was also lit up in Mikeysline's colours.  Donna Smith, Chair of Mikeysline said:

"the piper's solitary presence represented the loneliness and solitude of those experiencing mental health issues - particularly during this year - but also offered hope.  It was very poignant."

Ambassadors launched candlelit vigil

The weekend's events also included filmed messages from Ambassadors, Actress Karen Gillan and Strongman, Luke Stoltman, while former Ross County Defender, Scott Boyd began the candlelit vigil. 

"They did a brilliant job of raising awareness to a wider audience." said Mrs Smith.

" We would like to thank everyone for their support and marking the anniversary despite the different circumstances." 

Huge appreciation from everyone at Mikeysline to Spud the Piper who has promised to be back in 5 year's time!