Banksy NHS Highland Heroes identified

Banksy local hero competition winners

We are delighted to announce that the winners are William and Jayne McMaster, Day Care Officers from the Isobel Rhind Centre, Invergordon (Pictured with Mikeysline Ambassador

William and Jayne were nominated because -

''When Lockdown first started back in March 2020 we were left wondering how we could support the supported persons and keep them in touch with each other in these ever changing times. We were looking at support in the community but with so many unknowns not everyone could receive or want support.

Billy and Jayne came up with the idea of the IRC postcards that enables the supported people and staff to send messages via the you tube channel that they set up. This started off nervously and out with their comfort zone but has been something they have grown into doing. Now most of our supported people watch these and they put messages and pictures of what they have been up to. They and their families and carers get excited when their pictures or videos are shown on the postcards.


Billy and Jayne have had Ross County players and manager leaving messages and they also got Sean Batty (ITV weather presenter) to present well wishes to our supported people.

This has enabled the service users to see each other and they are all talking about the postcards when we have our virtual groups and the staff enjoy them coming out on you tube. Lots of people in the local community also discuss them as they are a bit of fun and keep things a bit light-hearted when so much is happening around our supported persons that they don’t always understand.''

We would also like thank everyone who took the time to nominate their local heroes. Although they did not win the Banksy print they are all heroes in our eyes!