Ambassador Karen Gillan takes on international superheroes

Inverness-born Hollywood star and Mikeysline Ambassador raises funds for the charity

Hollywood actress Karen Gillan has shown charity begins at home by raising $60,000 for Mikeysline.

The Inverness-born Jumanji star raised the money for Mikeysline after going head-to-head with fellow movie stars in a fantasy football league to win funds for their chosen charities.

The AGBO Superhero League comprises celebrities who star in the biggest of superhero franchises such as Ant-Man and Iron Man and include actors Tom Holland, Ryan Reynolds and Chris Hemsworth.

It is the second year Ms Gillan – a keen ambassador of Mikeysline – has competed in the league in which participants pick their own virtual American football teams and gain points based on their team’s success.

"I was grateful to get the chance to raise money for a charity I support whole-heartedly," she said.

"The work Mikeysline does is invaluable to our community in the Highlands and I want to make sure that everyone knows that there is always someone to talk to at Mikeysline.  No matter who, you will always be listened to and supported at Mikeysline."

Donna Smith, chairwoman of Mikeysline said: "We are delighted that Karen continued her support for us through the AGBO Superhero League again this year.

"The League is a fantastic way of raising awareness of the charities chosen, putting us on a global stage.

"The amount that Karen has won for us this year will make a significant impact to the services we are able to provide at a time when charities continue to be faced by fundraising challenges due to the ongoing pandemic for which we are very thankful."