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  1. Anonymous

    I would like to congratulate you on being strong and able to help people in their hour of need it could be the difference between life and death.

    My story started 32 years ago, my twin brother committed suicide. We the family didn’t have a clue he was contemplating this,he had a good job in the bank everything or so we thought a 21 year old would want but obviously not. We never found out the why or reason which haunts all of us individually everyday. What was worse was he planned it sorted all his belongings without us knowing,he must have been so strong in one way but needed help.

    And only a week passed I was at the funeral of my sons friend aged 21 year old male, on the outside like a ray of sunshine nobody new either same old why! Only he knows the reason.

    They are oblivious of the love and devastation it leaves behind.

    Godbless you all there is light at the end of the tunnel please use this service it’s invaluable

    Thank you

  2. heather

    Fantastic idea, hope everyone shares it to raise awareness and know this is available, as talking to someone else isn’t always a feasible option for someone going through hard times, for a number of reasons. Those left behind try not to always look for a reason their loved one has left them, because often their just isn’t one, depression is an illness and sometimes it results in people taking their life. There isn’t always a ‘reason as such, and I you could ask the person they may not even know themselves. Yes, its easier to understand if someone has a more obvious recent event upset them, like a break up or job loss or similar, but often its just how they feel overall, and unexplainable. Please everyone encourage mass shares by all our friends as this could be a valuable asset in helping people who are troubled. Very well done in setting this up, fab idea. Xxx

  3. Alex

    Congratulations on setting up Mikeys Line and let’s hope people feel able to use this type of service and it gets well known across Highlands & Islands.
    The NHS and GPs and Schools and others will promote it, as young people and their families can help publicise it far and wide.
    Well done again.
    Thank you.

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