Text Line

The Mikeysline text service was launched in December 2015. We have been supporting the people of the Highlands in their times of need ever since.

By using a text line, as opposed to a phone line, anonymity is assured. This removes the awkwardness sometimes found in talking with a total stranger. 1 in 4 people will hang up when they use a phone line, the nerves taking over and sometimes, they aren’t quite able to get the words out. With a text line, this removes that ‘urgency’ if you like. A moment can be taken, words can be deleted and time taken to really manage to put it into words how they are feeling.

Recent research has shown that 42 percent of young people would rather write than speak about their problem and 71 percent said they would welcome a texting option. In this current age of multimedia communications, it is a tragedy to think there are so many still feeling alone, isolated and not able to express their feelings.

A common misconception about Mikeysline is that it is only for young people. That is a completely false idea, we are there for all ages!

Our team of volunteers are there for you each and every day. Nobody has all the answers, but what they do have, is an understanding ear. They do have time to support you when you need it most. Most of all, however, they’re THERE FOR YOU.

Opening Hours

  • Mon – Thurs – 6-10pm
  • Friday – 7pm – 7am
  • Saturday – 7pm – 7am
  • Sunday – 7pm – 7am

Poem written for YPI Project by Caitlin Maclennan – Dingwall Academy

Why is it that when I’m surrounded by people I feel so alone?
It’s like I’m running from a darkness that can’t be thrown
Suicide, depression, it’s not all that it seems
Life is more like raindrops than the sun and its beams

Have you ever been so crippled with anxiety that you couldn’t leave the house?
I felt so invisible just like a mouse
I started to cut myself once, it was all too much
Finally, this feeling began to budge

What I feel they may never understand
But was this beginning to get out of hand?
I, 0xdrew on the same canvas for years.
If only I realised it couldn’t cure my tears

Every ounce of confidence I once had has been chased away
But still, if anyone ever asked, “sure, I was okay”
Should I really have felt so ashamed?
Afterall I wasn’t the one to be blamed

Unending darkness flooded the skies
Why could no one hear my cries?
Thoughts of death came to mind
Could the world really be this unkind?

I live in a world where chaos and hate overtake
Every ounce of happiness that tries to escape
Suicide is the easy answer, many times I’ve tried
Happiness is the tears that I have cried

I was like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode
But then I found somewhere to offload
A simple text to 07779 303 303
Finally, someone had heard my plea

I was given the support that was needed
I learnt that just like me millions of people felt just as defeated
Have you been to the deepest depths that come with depression, yet managed to pull yourself out?
Because I have without a doubt

My scars never healed
However I was finally taken away from this battlefield
There will always be a part of me that never fully recovered
I’ve just learnt to accept myself, the person I’ve rediscovered

So turn your head and spare no time
Take what has been said in this rhyme
Suicide, depression, it’s not all that it seems
But life can be less like raindrops and more like the sun and its beams

CYC Film on Mikeysline

Below is the film #YourLifeMatters, which was put together by the Castlemilk Youth Complex. This was in partnership with Mikeysline and outlined the pressures faced by young people and how reaching out for support can be vital to saving lives.