Karen Gillan Supports Mikeysline

(Karen pictured with Operations Manager Stephen Reid and volunteer Reanne Sutherland)

Local Star Karen Gillan supports Mikeysline

In November of 2018, we were honoured to host Hollywood actress Karen Gillan to discuss her film, The Party’s Just Beginning, as well as the work Mikeysline carries out. A lot of filming took place in Karen’s home city of Inverness and the idea for the film came from Karen noticing the higher rate of suicide in the Scottish Highlands.

During the visit, Karen discussed with Stephen what motivated her to make this film and she admitted she was surprised to find the rates were so high. The film tackles the issue of suicides amongst men and on this she said, ‘I want to get the word out there and try and help men in feeling that they can express themselves.’

Karen took the time to speak with local UHI students who themselves were in the process of making a film. She spoke with them about their film and expressed an interest in receiving a copy of the film to look over once the students had completed their work.

It was clear that Karen really had a strong interest in the work of Mikeysline and wanted to help in any way she could. With such a strong following on social media, she took one of our t-shirts and true to her word, she posted a picture of herself wearing the tee to her 2.3 Million followers on Instagram.

Reflecting on her visit to Mikeysline, she said, ‘I was really happy to hear that there is a scheme in place to combat that (high suicide rate) and to help people in the area. Coming here has been just… amazing.’

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  1. Heather


    If you haven’t already seen her latest effort, see insta.

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