Fundraise for Us

We couldn’t do this without you. From morning walking to tea-time talking, your fundraising efforts help Mikeysline support those who need us most and save lives


Get involved as a fundraiser

With so many fun and creative ways to fundraise you can help raise money for Mikeysline to support those struggling with mental health issues.

Walk, run, sprint or cycle – whatever pace you’re most comfortable with, set a challenge for you and your family to achieve and appeal for sponsors. Get some fresh air and explore new areas to meet up with friends and colleagues. What better way to get in those daily steps than with the knowledge that with every stride you’re one step closer to helping someone in need.

Go team! – Get your team or club to band together for a great cause. Kick-off with a football match with the goal to raise money or line up your rugby team to “tackle” mental health issues with a fundraising drive. Even the office team can work together to make a difference.

Virtual Fundraising – Now that we’ve all got the hang of Zoom, socialising with anyone, anywhere from the safety and comfort of your own home has never been easier. 

Hosting a virtual quiz night to aid Mikeysline could be the answer. If you’re a budding musician or DJ why not steam your own gig live from your living room? Set an “entrance” donation fee and invite everyone you know for a feel-good night of socially distanced fun.

Celebration giving – Asking for Mikeysline donations instead of gifts for your birthday, wedding or anniversary is a great way to inspire friends and family to help those most in need. Celebration giving means that your special day can make a real difference to the life of someone else. And although we know it can get a little chilly in Scotland, how many ill-fitting jumpers do we really need? 

Get creative! – You may be asking yourself “What can I do to raise money for a mental health charity?” 

Well, there are tons of fun and creative ways to help raise money and awareness for Mikeysline and we are constantly surprised by the many inventive ways our supporters find to fundraise for us…

  • Fun runs & walks
  • Afternoon teas
  • Cycling challenges 
  • Bake sales
  • Mountain hiking
  • Virtual events
  • Open water swimming
  • Golf days

Everyone is different and everyone can help in their own way. We appreciate all of it and will support you any way we can. So get creative, put the fun into fundraising and find your way to get involved as a fundraiser.

Planning a fundraiser? We’d love to hear about it.


What it means to us

We at Mikeysline are so grateful and constantly overwhelmed by the sheer generosity and support we receive from individuals and businesses alike. Without it, we simply couldn’t carry on providing the essential support that we do for people in emotional distress and with mental health issues.

Although we mean a lot to those we help, we are a small charity and do not receive any statutory funding. This means we rely heavily on the generosity of donations, our volunteers, and everyone who fundraises for us. 

By fundraising for Mikeysline, not only do you help raise those vital funds that allow us to continue providing the essential support for those in need, but you also help to raise wider awareness for our cause. Awareness for those who may want to support us and for those who may desperately need us. Even if it’s just for someone to talk to. 

It’s in no small way that the fundraising work our supporters do makes a huge difference to those we serve at their most vulnerable times and is helping to save valuable lives. For that, we at Mikeysline truly thank you.

Every £5 your friends & family donate for your birthday could fund a call for help from someone struggling to cope.

Every £10 will help fund a 1:1 session in one of our Hives                    

 Every £20 supports us to cover the cost of our helpline software and IT systems to operate our helpline for a year.

£50 donated can help fund promotional material to help us reach more people who may need support at a crucial time in their life.

£100 raised by your loved ones on your special day will train and support a Mikeysline volunteer for a year.

£250 raised by creating awareness could train a new volunteer to offer Mikeysline's life saving service.

£1000 raised would support us to cover the costs of face-to-face visits to every secondary school in Highland and Moray.

£2000 raised by you via a fundraising event could contribute towards keeping our Hives open for a month.

Need any resources for your fundraiser? Let us know how we can help.

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