Friends of Mikeysline

A little help from a friend can go a long way.

By donating just £5 a month as a Friend of Mikeysline, you’ll be helping us reach those in the Highlands who need help most.

With your support, we can continue to be there for those living with Mental Health issues and help us reach those in the Highlands who need our help most.

Setting up a small, regular donation is simple, but makes a big difference to our charity. Just £5 a month could fund a call for help that could save a life. 

Start by submitting the form below, and then press the Donate Monthly button to confirm your payment on PayPal. Your £5 donation will then be taken monthly for 2 years, after which you can renew if you’d like to.

As a little way of saying thank you for being a Friend of Mikeysline, when you sign up, we’ll send you a letter that also includes a keyring and a sticker for your car. After all, what are friends for?

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Thank you!

Your support as a Friend of Mikeysline will help us provide confidential peer-to-peer support to people across the Highlands who just need someone to talk to.

“Thank you so much for all that you do. Without the support you provided to me previously, I don’t believe I would be here now.” – Anonymous

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