Get Involved

We are delighted that you would like to be involved with Mikeysline and here are a number of ways you can do just that.

Help to raise awareness about our cause

You can help raise awareness about the work that we do through following and liking our social media posts and by spreading the word to others about Mikeysline. You can raise further awareness by organizing or participating in a fundraiser on our behalf. Whilst raising vital funds for us, this also raises people’s knowledge about Mikeysline.


By setting up a regular donation to Mikeysline through Paypal, direct debit, Justgiving or payroll giving, your donation helps us to raise our profile further and helps us cover our core costs and develop our services further.


There are many ways in which you can volunteer for us. This could be a one-off activity/event, or you could become a regular volunteer.

See our Volunteer section for further information.


You can join an event happening in your local area, i.e. a sporting event when these are being held. Or you could host a fundraiser on our behalf or if your work is holding an event, you could nominate Mikeysline as a charity to benefit from this event, or as your Company’s Charity of the Year.  There are so many different ways you could help raise money for Mikeysline. 

Please see our Fundraise section for more information.