The Volunteers

Mikeys text help line is manned totally by young volunteers who UNDERSTAND what you’re going through. Not from a university degree, not from a text book, not from a ‘do-gooder’ perspective. For the most part our volunteers have been where you are now. They’ve suffered the same problems you’re facing. They’ve been to the brink themselves and somehow managed to step back. They’re not going to have all the answers to all problems. They’re not qualified to offer medical advice or counselling. What they CAN offer you is understanding, non-judgmental peer support and a shoulder to lean on. The key that unlocked the door for our volunteers may just be the key for you. They’ve found a positive way out of their hopelessness, maybe they can give YOU that same hope. Text us on on 0779 303 303 7pm Friday to 7am Monday or contact us for a chat.

If you feel that you can offer help and support to people when they need it and are interested in becoming one of our volunteers then please contact us here.