Welcome to Mikeys Text Line

MikeyslineMikeysline was born out of tragedy and also out of hope. The tragedy is that, in this age of multimedia communications and social media, there are still young people feeling alone and abandoned by the system, unable to reach out for help and reassurance, unable to express their feelings. Depression, alcohol, drugs and bullying are all taking their toll, with a lot of people unable to see an alternative way out from under the weight and the resulting self harming & suicide rates are a constant reminder that something needs to be done.

The hope is that Mikeysline will provide a contact point for the lonely, an ear for the desperate and some direction for those without hope. By using a TEXTLINE as opposed to a phone call gives both parties total anonymity and avoids the sometimes embarrassment of unloading yourself in a conversation with a total stranger.

Tell us your story: You’ve been down this unlit road, maybe for a long time and somehow you saw a tiny light that began to show you the way. You’ve managed to haul yourself back to at the very least a semblance of normality and hopefully happiness. The light that showed you the way could help someone else. Let us have YOUR stories to put on this site (first names only), just to show the hundreds of other sufferers they’re not alone and that there IS hope.

Fundraising: Many people have been very kind in donating money to get us started. It doesn’t cost much to run Mikeysline, but it does cost. So any fundraising activities you want to organise would be greatly appreciated. Contact us & let us know how we can publicise your event.

The worst kind of sad is not being able to explain why…..